The new Ajisen ramen in Melbourne Central

by newintstudents

The new Ajisen Ramen only just opened last week and already its buzzing with people. I went in there after 2pm for lunch.
It is a lot bigger than the other one and it seems to attract a lot of foot traffic. They do take reservations. This used to the old Mee too site, but I think the restaurant must have closed.
This japanese restaurant fared much better than the ones in Melbourne Central and some of the ones that I went to in the city just recently.
It is run by Chinese, but I didn’t mind for this restaurant. A lot of students worked here.
No they don’t have any specials for after 2pm or for students. But they do have $11-$13 Bento boxes and $1.60 teas.

And they do have vegetarian meals. I had the yasai bento. The yasai is stir fry vegetables with terriyaki sauce.
Like the other one they have 25% off the total bill for Entertainment book Members.
The yasai bento came with miso soup, rice, egg omelette, renkon chips and the stir fried vegetables. I really loved the renkon chips, omelette and miso soup. They were all done really nicely. But what I hated was the cold stir fried vegetables and the microwaved rice. The sauce in the yasai was a bit bland to tell you the truth. Seeing as this is the first time they opened I forgive them for this mistake.
Oh yeah and in most Japanese restaurants I order a serve of Agedashi tofu. This is one entree that the Japanese love. It is deep fried tofu with some sort of sauce and moving bonito flakes. When done right with the flakes it is enjoyed by all. This was enjoyed by me.
I’d love to see what Big Fil and other bloggers thought of this place. This has to be one of the better Japanese places around Melbourne central and I’d be sad to see it close down.