Menya Ramen= doesn’t like it

by newintstudents

Menya Ramen is a place in Knox lane in Melbourne Central in a little hideaway spot of Melbourne Central. It is tiny so it is packed every easily and you have to share with randoms and get elbowed all the time. it can also be hard to get out of your seat.
The seats and tables are wooden. Really funky for a Japanese place…oh no wait….the place is run by Chinese. I think it is by the same food court people that own Obento and other places in the food court.
The waitress didn’t smile, but did help us to a table.
I came in here with a friend after a year or so of avoiding the place. I couldn’t remember why I avoided the place so I decided to give it another shot.

What is with the wooden chopsticks and the polystyrene takeaway cups for eat in???? WHERE’S THE GREEN TEA???? Buy better cups.
This place is known for serving Japanese ramen. I expected a good bowl of ramen. What I got for $9.90 was a bowl of instant noodle crap and wontons. I COULD BUY THIS MYSELF AT THE ASIAN GROCER!!!! Why waste money on this crap????? It was full of MSG and it was supposed to be gyoza but it was WONTONS!!!!! These were a little undercooked. AND WHERE’S ALL THE VEGETABLES??????
My friends dish looked a bit better for $9 or $10, but he didn’t finish his either and got takeaway.
The only thing I did like was the agedashi tofu for $3.50 for a big piece and sauce and ginger on top. Who could go wrong with that???
Never again will I be back and I’d like to see what others think of the place. It’s places like these that should be out of business!!!! Sorry I don’t deserve your crap. There are much better Japanese places, such as Ajisen ramen downstairs. Save yourself the trouble and don’t come here.

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