Tutti Frutti at Melbourne Central

by newintstudents

I went to Tutti Frutti in Melbourne Central for Morning tea snack. I didn’t know that Tutti Frutti is an actual chain shop from the US and Asia. You can find them on Facebook.
This is the newest addition to the Tutti Frutti chain of stores. It is in a food court hence there is no seating. The lady there was really friendly.

Like the other Tutti Frutti (you can read my post here) you choose your flavors and toppings and it is measured and charged by weight. My big bowl of blueberry yoghurt with coconut jelly, frozen blueberries and raspberries and fresh strawberry was only $6 and very filling. This flavor is just new but I loved it.
I only wished that they use fresh blueberries rather than frozen as the frozen ones dominates all the other flavours and you can’t taste a thing. I liked the coconut jelly.
I loved the yoghurt.
I might just return.