City BBQ Place

by newintstudents

I went here with a friend after we failed to find a few cheap places in Chinatown. Here they are renowned for their Chinese duck and BBQ pork. So after seeing the ducks glistening by the window we went in.
The restaurant was really empty. I wonder why. There was only two other tables, both Caucasian. We seemed to be the only Asians there.
The decor was really old and the toilets were really dirty. There were stains everywhere. It smelt a little funny. We should have run, but we didn’t. Someone please tell the health inspectors to come and visit.
At dinner time there is a $39.90 banquet for two which included rice, two choices of mains, soup and fruit. What a rip off, I thought. The other places for this sort of money would include 6 or 7 dishes. And who in hells bell would pay $4.80 for a SINGLE SERVE OF PEKING DUCK!!!!!
So in the end we both had $10.50 dishes. One of them was char kuey teow and the other was roast pork on rice. I tried the char kuey teow and it tasted funny. There wasn’t enough wok hei to this, nor soya sauce. Instead it had some curry spices. The roast pork dish fared a bit better. The pork was a bit overcooked, because it was dry and hard. They used the Chinese jasmine rice, hence the rice was a bit dry. I loved the bean curd though.
This place should really be shut down. A few years ago when I came with some other friends the place was really busy and the duck and pork was much nicer. The wait staff tried their best though, but with the mediocre food and dirty place I would never be back. The health inspectors should really visit and FINE THEM!!!

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