TGI Fridays

by newintstudents

TGI Fridays is a place in South Yarra that sells American/ Texan and Mexican style food. It is an American sports style pub with games, drinks and a tv that shows sports programs. It is kid friendly. The layout of the store is huge and reminds us of Texas.
I remembered coming here a few years back and found that everything was expensive.
TGI’s service is friendly and fast, but they were a bit disorganised. The girls in the table next to us had to go to a movie so they wanted their meals fast. And they kept waiting and waiting. The waitresses kept on bumping into each other and not knowing whose meals was whose. Some people in the restaurant got the wrong meal.

They have many American style alcoholic drinks such as Margaritas, Sangarias and Tequillas. These drinks were really expensive. My lemonade was $4-$5 for just a standard glass.
A and I shared a Jack Daniels sampler plate ($29.95). By god for an entree size it was huge! It had cajun prawns (which I admit they were a bit overcooked), ribs and chicken in a sweet soy sauce. The lettuce was drenched in sauce. I loved the ribs and how the meat fell off the bone. The chicken was done nicely. For that price I was expecting chips to go with it. But we were full after all that. The girls at the next table asked for more sauce which costs an additional $1.50 per pot.
Come here to experience American style food, but don’t come here everyday. The food is not cheap there, that’s for sure. And share the sampler plates with someone. My other advice is that the dishes are huge so you might just want to share all the mains.

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