Infobooth Cafe and tea

by newintstudents

 Here this place is in the city close to the Chinese Museum.
It doesn’t have a lot of exposure so Im guesing that this is brand new. It took me a while to discover the place. But it has attracted many students like myself and my friend who went there today to try out their teas. I had one of their speciality green teas ($4), mixed with lemon . It was good and the price was great for the large sized cup of tea. My friend had the yoghurt tea which he loved and we both shared the popcorn chicken ($6.50 per set) and it was devoured within mintues.
They do serve meals here but not many as it is just a tea place.

Yoghurt tea- but it looks more like orange juice doesn’t it?

See how much we devoured in one minute

They have many books for people to buy. All of their books are in Chinese. They also have magazines for people to take for free such as Melon and other Chinese papers and magazines.
It is not too bad for quiet study, but I do have to say that it can be a bit loud and nosiy at times especially when the TV is on.
I will just be back to try out some of their wonderful looking meals and more teas.

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