Boost juice

by newintstudents

Boost Juice is a chain store. They are located all over Melbourne. Here you can get some really good juices and coconut water depending on where you go.
Here they employ many young Australians rather than International students. Most of them probably get good pay hence the good service. You order and pay and then they will call your name when its ready. You can see them making it.

I went to the one in Melbourne Central today and got their new pocket rocket juice. Normally $5.80 for a medium size. I only had to pay $0.80 because I had a $5 gift card from a friend which needed to be used up.
My juice was pretty good in curing a cold. It had orange, banana, chia seeds, pineapple, a booster of some sort and passionfruit. Yum. Now I wish summer was here again.