Noodle Kingdom at swanston st

by newintstudents

You might recall me going to the other Noodle Kingdom branch in Russell st. Well this time Friend A and I went to the new branch that just opened a few months ago. There were lots of Asians there which is a good sign that the food is good. I don’t know why only 47% of people liked it on Urbanspoon.

Here you can see all the appetisers. I know that they look like plastic boxes but other bloggers told me that they are not and they have tried the kelp and stuff

This is exactly the same as that one, except for cleaner premises and better staff. They had better English. Although I got to admit water did take a while to come. We had to ask for it for the second time. The food didn’t take long to serve but it was yummy.
 And also better food this time around.
We had:
1) Vegetarian spring rolls. ($4) These were okay and I loved the sauce for it.
2) 2 Plates of dumplings, one in spicy soup and one that is just plain boiled. We liked them both except the ones in the soup always kept breaking. And the soup wasn’t spicy enough for me and Friend A. They were $8.50 each.
Takeaways are $0.20 extra, so if you are a cheapie like me try and finish the massive serves of food and always share your food with someone else because the plates are huge for such a small price.

Noodle Kingdom on Urbanspoon