by newintstudents

 Passionflower serves Asian influenced desserts. So they would serve Pandan, Coconut ice creams etc. And they are $6 a scoop. Which is not cheap. I was influenced to go there by all the good reviews of the place.
But I was wrong.
I doesn’t like it. Why?
First of all the place is just like a suburban ice cream eatery with no bathroom and Cash Only. WTF??? Who would do that when all the food is $7+ and all the teas are $5. They used to have a $10 dine in minimum for patrons but they scrapped that.
The place feels more like a food court than anything. The music was so loud that it was really hard to concentrate on assesments. Being in the prestigious part of the city, mainly Bourke st I would have expected a bathroom and a lovely luxurious place rather than this cold plasticky crap which is best saved for the suburbs.
There weren’t a lot of people here except for a table of two teenage kids.
The decor was very tacky for such an expensive place.

Cute cup

Look how tacky this is

Second of all the service. Or is there really any? I didn’t think so. They seemed to be all doing their own thing and they guy that served me had really bad english and was really confused when I said “A pot of green tea”, meaning a hot green tea.

Last of all the food: The green tea was just ok. But I did like the pot and the cute little cups. But I think for $5 a pot it is really expensive even for T2 tea, which I guessed that they used. You can get a refill but it is $1 each. OUCH!!!!!
The pancakes were not cheap. At $7 a pop they were the most expensive of them all.  And they didn’t even come with ice cream. They were more westernized. I can get pancakes for the same or a little bit more at Pancake Parlour and they are huge. These were really small, mediocre and not worth the price. My guess was that it was microwaved, because five minutes after I ordered they came out. And they looked like the ones that you buy at the supermarket.
And why oh why are the prices different for takeaway?????? It’s cheaper for takeaway!!!! MAKE THEM MORE OR LESS THE SAME!!!

So lets say that in the end they are really not worth the price or the visit at all. I would love to try Tom Turtle across the road. They seem to have better ice cream for cheaper. And their drinks aren’t as expensive.
To Passionfruit management: lift your game and your service and allow EFTPOS or otherwise we won’t be back. And have cheaper food. This is not how a business should be run and I’m glad I only paid $10. All the other bloggers didn’t like it either.

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