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Month: July, 2012

Counterfeit makeup

Buying counterfeit makeup and stuff is illegal. If you do buy them then you are supporting a fake brand and not the real thing.
Also buying counterfiet items might also make you really itchy and disfigured and it will be costly to fix. And it might require more stress on your part and might require you to apply for special consideration which might not be granted by the uni
The real thing wont be:
1) Cheap as
2) Sold at the market

The real thing will be:
1) Packaged properly
2) Sold in real salons and shops
3) Expensive or correctly priced

So buy the real thing and not the fake and save yourself all the hassles


working in hospitlaity

Working in hospitality can be fun but also very tiring.
You are on your feet all day.
Depending on where you are working you might get paid low wages especillt in Asian restaurants.
Crown casino is a good place to work. Some of my friends work there. It is luxurious but sometimes there are a few drunken fights.

If you are working in a restaurant, cafe, bar then good English is a must. There are always a number of complaints about bad English and service skills on Urbanspoon so they are a must. No one likes the long waits.
And you must be really knowledgeable about the food that the cafe serves, otherwise people will complain about that too. So if you are thinking of working as a wait staff it might be a really good idea to volunteer at Realfoods or Melbourne Uni food co-op as they are always looking for new people. And you can learn all sorts of new skills for the restaurant world

Where to buy cheap but decent looking shoes

For casual shoes…. I suggest Sketchers at DFO. Comfortable and won’t cost a fortune. I got my pair of shoes for about $39.95 and they lasted for just over a year. I was walking everyday in these. I loved mine to bits.

For comfortable shoes…. I suggest Rivers. Rivers is a clothing and shoe shop all over Australia. Cheap about $30- $50 and very comfy. They have really good boots.
They have an online shop where you can buy shoes and comfortable clothes. They often do have weekly specials on shoes and other things.

For work and special occasions. I suggest Zoe Wittner. But don’t go to the normal stores. Instead visit DFO or wait until their end of season sales where everything is drastically reduced. Most of the shoes on special costs from $39-$100.

I’d also visit zu shoes as they have cute shoes. They have a direct factory outlet in Richmond where everything is 50-75% off the retail price. I have bought a pair of heels for $59 once and I wore them time and time again.

Diana Ferrari is another shoe brand that I’d go for. Here they have factory outlet in Moonee Ponds where you can buy the shoes for like $50-$70.
Most of the shoes purchased in Aus are all in European sizes. Hence a size 5= to a European size 36. If you are not sure of the shoe sizing here best to go to the shop and ask the shop assistant to help you with sizing. that is what they are there for.
This should help you too

The world of tea

Tea is one of the popular drinks of Melbourne, namely chai.
Chai is found at most good cafes and shops. And even David Jones has chai.
Chai can be good or bad depending on how you like it. I like mine sweet and frothy. Hence I didn’t quite like the Twinings chai tea that I sampled at home. But I did love the Afternoon surprise one with so many different notes to it. It tasted a little bit like earl grey except for a tiny hint of lemon.
A packet of 10 bags of tea costs about $2 in the supermarket, and a packet of 50 teas costs about $4 at the supermarket. But at the market a packet of 50 tea bags costs a $1 each.
But of course a pot/ cup of tea costs $3.50. You can get refills for free if you need. Still a little pricey, but I suppose one needs to pay the wages and the water bill.
Tea has been around for years and is drunk worldwide.
Green tea is another popular drink and has been around for quite some time. You can find it all over Melbourne.
T2 is another place that sells tea. They are an chain store which just sells tea in boxes and bags. Their packages range from $14-$28 and they have all sorts of flavours
Lupercia in QV is another tea shop, but only this time run by Japanese/chinese. Their teas are a little more expensive but authentic
Teh tarik is another type of tea which is Malaysian and pulled. This is found in many Malaysian cafes and restaurants not so much in shops.
Chinese tea is found in shops.

Join a Union

Because you know that they are great for you. Not only do you get discounts you also have people to turn to if something is not right. They can help you argue your case to your employer or uni

There are many different types of unions such as student union and workers union. You have to pay a fee to join but you would get all the benefits.

Sometimes the unions will hold barbeques every now and then to get members to join.

Where to buy clothes

Do you need new clothes? If so here is where to buy them without breaking the bank.
1) DFO- they often have 30% to 50% off even more sales. So you can buy everything for cheaper. Like that pair of sketchers shoes for $39 down from $169.
2) Vintage sales like Hello sailor that is always on in the Shot tower. Hello sailor runs every once in a while and their clothes are decent and cheap
3) Op shops such as Savers and Salvation army. You can often find clothes for $5-$20 and they have been only worn once or twice so they are still in a brand new condition. The money that you give goes to charity.
4) Just jeans- they often have specials, such as 2 for 1.
5) Jeanswest have really good jeans for under $100
6) End of season sales- Usually at the end of a season a lot of clothes are marked down so this is a great time to grab a bargain on the things you need

Melbourne Central has a student club which all uni students can join. Here you can 10% to 15% off Melbourne centrals most expensive stores. Even with the 10% to 15% off items the clothes might still be expensive. Sigh. Some of their stores have pretty good deals though such as if you spend a certain maount you get a voucher of gift free.

Some of the fashion magazines might have a voucher for a particular clothing store which you could use and save money

Or if you know how to sew you can make your own.
Here’s where to go to get your stuff: Lincraft stores. There is a big shop in the city full of fabrics and other things for cheap. You can buy the fabrics for $5-$8 per metre.

RMIT has a whole lot of market days where you can buy really cheap clothes from and support the students who run the stalls. Most of them sell for like $10-$15 per piece depending on the item. Check out: for more information. Also do you have things to sell? If so you can have a stall at the market days.
Also Melbourne Uni has market days too where you can buy clothes and accessories for cheap

Chocolateria san churro at Fitzroy

I doesn’t like it. Why?
I think you know what it sells becuase it is a chain store. I went in waiting for Naked for Satan to open and thinking that I’ll enjoy a good hot chocolate whilst waiting.
Well I was wrong.
Well for a start the ambience of the place is really cold and cheap and very dim.
The staff just seemed like they wanted to go home and really unhappy.
I hated the free cake- it was dry and lacklustre. What was with it anyway, when the city actually sells this and much better.
I got the Spanish hot chocolate and it was bit meh. I can get better at the city store.
Avoid like the plague.

Chocolateria San Churro on Urbanspoon

$7.30 prezel and coffee deal at Pretzel world

I forgot the camera at home. Darn… I would have liked to have posted photos of the place and how big the pretzels areand the freebies.
 Altogether the hot chocolate and pretzel was $7.30. I didn’t mind paying as the portions were huge and filling
 The pretzels are made  freshly when people order them. But the hot chocolate was a bit milky and powdery. The pretzel was very filling though. yum heavenly.  There was virtaully no service . I had to call them and wait a while. It  is run by Chinese. But they are a franchise and I discovered them  in 2008. But I hadn’t written up about the place

 If you are there don’t order the coffees though as they are not good. Instead order the pretzels. You can order sandwich/savory ones or sweet ones.

Pretzel World on Urbanspoon

Proud Mary

Proud mary is a very big coffee place in Collingwood. It is rated number 20 on Urbanspoon. They are also featured in the Age Cheap eats guide as well as the Cafe guide.
Here they really specialise in coffee and you can buy a bag of beans to take home.
You can watch them make coffees at the bar.
Despite what people say on Urbanspoon the service is fast and friendly. But I was a bit confused about whether it was table service/EFTPOS etc. Maybe some clearer signage would be good.
The place was busy as when I got there. I wonder what it would be like over the weekend when more people come.

Someone else’s breakfast which looked really good and made me go wow

Look you can see them making syphon

My sample of Syphon coffee

The ricotta panckes were huge ($16.50). I couldnt finish them.  But they were lovely and smooth and soft which I loved. But I couldn’t stomach it all. I didn’t really like the combination of mandarin and fudge; it tasted way too strange for me. The mandarin was tangy and the fudge was sweet. I’m not really much of a cream person so I didn’t eat up all the mascapone. The mocha magic was huge ($4.50). And there was the right amount of coffee and chocolate to it which was brilliant. 
I also got to try a sample of their filter coffee and it was really strong, winey and bitter.

Next time Proud  Mary should have a smaller- kid sized hotcakes and meals for people with small appeitites. And with berries. They were seriously huge!
But the coffee is great and I’ll be bringing my international students here.

Proud Mary on Urbanspoon

Naked for Satan

Naked for satan is a cheap place to have lunch. But it is also a bar serving vodka and Sangarias (A Spanish/Mexican drink).
Well I haven’t really written up many places which are Spanish but this is one of them. about 60+ blog posts have been written about this place so I won’t bore you about the ambiance of the place. It is in Fitzroy about 10-15 mins by tram or by bus and within zone 1

But I will say that the service is fantastic. They are quite busy on the weekends and everything here is super cheap except for alcohol. But I don’t drink alcohol so I can’t rave on about this.

Naked For Satan on Urbanspoon

What is the purpose of these cups sitting here?

I went for more

But I can say that the food is fresh and the bread is yummy as well as the fillings. I got my fill for $9. I kept on wanting more but I was full after 9 pintxos. Pintxos is a Sapnish snack where there are small baguette pieces with filling on top.
I loved the blueberry cannoli. It was the bomb.
All in all I ‘d come here with some friends. You can book the place if you have 30+ people coming. Hence it is good for a function.

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