The world of Internet and Social Media

by newintstudents

Internet and social media is a growing trend and as students you would rely on this for survival in Melbourne. For some it has helped to make friends and for others it helped them to recconect to old friends and family back home.

So can you live without it?
The answer is no. You have to pay for WI-Fi outside of your house and RMIT. RMIT has free WI-FI. WI-Fi can be really expensive.

Using an Internet terminal at the shopping centre can be about $2-$3 per use. Which is not much for 21 minutes.
Most mobile phone plans have about 500MB to 1GB of free Internet usage per month, depending on who you go with. And it works in most places such as Cafes and Restaurants. But the Internet can be a bit slow, hence it is better idea to buy own (see next point)

Buy your own Internet.
Nowadays everything is broadband. You can buy plans for as little as $19.95-$59.95. Check out: i  Go to that website and check out the plans for yourself. Dodo is the best one as it is really fast and cheap.