The world of noodles

by newintstudents

Noodles is a student staple which can be enjoyed at any time of the day. Some people have them for breakfast. There are all kinds of noodles such as instant, ramen, rice noodles, hokkein, dry, egg. somen. soba etc. And they are perfect with all sorts of meat and vegetable toppings, even tofu.
A box of mi goreng from the Asian shops costs about $20 a box of about 20-30 packets. Instant noodles can range from $0.55-$0.90 each, but if you buy a box it is cheaper.
Rice noodles is about $4 a pack and these are usually found at the Asian grocery store. These are versatile in anything and everything.
A packet of somen, soba and dry noodles are from $3-$6 a packet and they are available anywhere.
Cup noodles (these are good for uni) are priced between $1.50-$3 per cup. They have got a lot of msg in it, so be aware. Hence these are not good for eating everyday.
Ramen is about $1 per packet and these can be found in Asian grocery stores.
A noodle meal outside costs anywhere between $6-$17 and that is depending on where you go. At Hanachi in the city the meals costs $6.90 each. But a noodle meal (except soup dishes) that you make at home costs about $8, but you usually do have leftovers for the next day for uni. Hence it works out to be $4 per meal.

So students there is no need for you to bring noodles from you home country as we have plenty of varieties here. To bring noodles from home is really troublesome and you might have to declare them.