Surviving Melbourne Winter

by newintstudents

This is how to survive winter in Melbourne. In winter in Melbourne it is around 4C-16C so you need to keep warm
1) Rug up- Wear lots of layers because you’re bound to get a cold if you don’t. You don’t want to be sick on your exam day do you?
2) Eat lots of vitamin C- We have heaps of oranges, carrots and mandarins all for under $3 per bag. And they are in season at this time. Realfoods has lovely smoothies full of vitamin C for $6.50.
3) Drink lots of fluids. There’s heaps of tea places here and you can buy tea to take home. And of course there’s water that’s free. You can get a free water bottle at Orientation day and you can fill it up with water and bring it to class. Drink heaps of tea.
4) Exercise- walking everywhere is free. Doing stretches is also free. That way you’ll keep warm and you’ll be nice and fit. Don’t be lazy and take the tram everywhere, walk instead. Its free and can save you a bit. If you live in Carlton and the city walk to uni or ride your bike.
5) Enjoy having hot chocolates and chais- Melbourne has a vast range of good cafes that serve hot chocolate and chais. Most drinks comes at $3.50/$4 but if you bring your own cup you might be able to save a bit. Melbourne is famous for the hot chocolates. Yummy!

And last of all
ENJOY IT!!!! You can only live once.

And of course if you have a flu stay at home in bed. There are throat lozenges at the supermarket should you need for about $1-$2

Chemist Warehouse is a chemist store located all over Melbourne and they have cheap half price cold and flu tablets.

There is no special consideration given for people that have the cold by RMIT. They expect you to take care of yourself.