Lunch and the earl

by newintstudents

EARL has always been talked about by my fellow foodies but I ‘ve always missed out… sigh… I’ve always thought that the location is just too far away from my workplace and uni. But recently I started walking to Southern cross station just to get fit so I relised that this place isn’t all that far.

It is behind the NAB offices in Bourke st (entry is in Lt bourke st).

I went there with a friend and they offered to pay for me which is not bad. It is no split bill and he didn’t have enough cash on him. Next time I’ll have to shout them.
The place was busy as with all the lunchtime workers going. Now I wonder why it is the most talked about place. Could it be the food?

Now I loved my lunch box ($15), except I didn’t like the candied walnuts in my sandwich. They were a bit weird in there with the gorgonzola (a type of cheese), pumpkin and lettuce.  It was very filling for $15
I loved the sweet cake and the salad was a little too weird for my liking. It was just plain and cold broccoli.
With the lunch box you don’t get to choose your own salad and dessert which I would have liked. But you get to choose your own sandwich. Me I am a health food freak so I didn’t go for the pork belly as all the other bloggers did.

I loved the fact that they have Hepburn drinks on sale so I got one- Lemon lime and bitters. This is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than any old lemonade. This is sweeter and more flavoursome. Also less carbonated, hence good for you.

I think my friend loved his fish finger sandwich ($12). It looked darn good and I wanted to try but couldn’t.

Oh well there is a next time and I’ll be back and I’ll choose my own salad from the display. I recommend that this is a must visit for all Health food freaks and students. But the lunch box and you’ll get really good value out of it.

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