Manchester Press.

by newintstudents

This cafe is in a laneway and is one of Melbourne’s most talked about place. It may be a bit hard to find, due to the fact that it is in a laneway and it is a coverted warehouse.
But you will find it. And it does attact many people; students, visitors, workers etc. And they all come for the bagels and the coffee.
It is in Little bourke st and in Bourke st trams service the corner of Elizabeth and Bourke so it is an easy walk.
The music was a little loud this morning… in fact too loud for a quiet Friday morning.

I had to pay $12 for this????

The staff were great though. I loved the guy. And when I said that they are ranked number 22 on Urbanspoon they couldn’t believe me. I better hope that the food and drinks lived up to the hype.
Which the hot chocolate did. It was $4 but it did taste lovely.
The bagels were a bit of a letdown though. I had to wait ages…and ages….and ages for my Fruit one which should not take long to do. It was really hard to cut. It was basically just some yoghurt, strawberries and a fruit bagel that’s it. I guessed it was $7, but when I went to pay they said it was $12. What the fuck? For that price I could have happily bought the salmon bagel or my original decision of baked eggs which they said took an hour to do. What the fuck??? It doesn’t take that long to do. The last time I had this dish was at Mr Tulk and they didn’t take long to do.
I’d only be back for the coffees and maybe to try the salmon bagels.

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