be careful online

by newintstudents

Just recently I read in the Age about how a 21 year old Australian from Sydney got caught in a scam and it was because she bought stuff online with out  checking the identity of the website. And she was scammed more than $1000. The bank put a stop to her card when they discover it.
Here’s how to be safe online
* Get a debit card- that way you are only just spending your own money
* Install/update the latest anti viral software and be protected
* Make sure that the site is safe and secure. It should have a lock and 128 bit security. Paypal is Australian owned and safe to use. If it isn’t Pay pal then dont use it.
* read the customer reviews on the product. If they are negative then don’t buy
* think about where it comes from. If it comes from Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia it might not be a great idea.
* Don’t buy those Jumponit, Cudo, groupon vouchers- I’ve heard stories about it never being delivered and waste of money. If you want it go to the store and buy it during their sales.

If the worst come to worse:
Contact the Financial ombudsman and the Consumer affairs.

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