Would you like fried, baked, scrambled or poached eggs?

by newintstudents

This is what almost every cafe in Melbourne’s cbd will ask. So you need to know the difference between fried, scrambled, poached or baked.

Poached eggs at a cafe with hollandaise (butter) sauce

1) Fried- do you want this sunny side up. Sunny side up is fun and you can all the yolk running everywhere. It can be oily depending on how much oil they use to fry the egg. This is popular in all cafes around the world. And you can soak up all the yolk with your bread.
2) Scrambled is where the cafes mix in milk and other stuff and make it nicer and tastier. I always prefer this option when heading out.
3) Baked is a newer option that I have tried only once- this is where the egg is baked in bowl with other toppings as well. This does take a while to do and is piping hot when it comes to your table. You can dip your bread into the bowl.
4) Poached eggs are whole and are hard boiled- this is common and popular all over the world except for some Asian countries.

Most cafe brunches end at around 12pm-2pm so you can get up as late as you want. Some go all day.