Fire safety

by newintstudents

One time when I was staying in my Unilodge apartment it was 2am and it was a really cold morning. We were told to evacuate our rooms because there was a fire somewhere. Some of us including myself has just woken up when the alarm went off and we didn’t know what to do. Luckily there was some Resident adivsors around showing us what to do. We were all cold and shivering. Some of us had brought laptops out to study.
Eventually we all knew it was a nearby cafe that had burnt down.

Lessons learnt
* have a working smoke alarm in place. When you insepct the place make sure that it works. If it doesn’t tell your landlord or proerty manager. By law you need to have one in place so that it does warn you when a fire is around. You can’t smell the smoke when you are asleep. And don’t cover it up.
* Practise your fire plan once a year
* If you live in a share house change the battery once a year.
* Also never leave your cooking unattended as I know that there has been a few house fires
* Never leave the heater or the stove on whilst you are out or in bed
* Never let clothes or paper go near the heater as they will set alight