How not to fail uni in your first year

by newintstudents

This is how not to fail in your first year at Uni.

1) Hand in your assignments on time because if you don’t you’ll lose marks for each day its late.
After 7 days of not handing in the assignment you will be marked zero for the assignment.
2) Seek help from RMIT student services. Do you need help to study the subjects? RMIT has many services for students to use such as the Study and Learning centre and ISIS. They also have SLAMS for the business courses. And its free for students to use. So why not book that appointment in or use the library. It is there for you to use all for free.

3) Mingle with people not from your country and then that way you can practise your English and fit into society. Why not join a club or society? The Student Union has many clubs and societies for students to join all for a very small fee. If there isn’t a club that you want you can form your own. You just need 10 like minded students from RMIT.

4) Read The Age everyday. The Age is online everyday and is free to read. Its good for those that are struggling with English.

5) Volunteer- Volunteer and you’ll reap the benefits of good friends as well as improved English and you’ll find that you can understand what is being taught more easily than others. You’ll be happier in no time and less homesick than those that don’t. The Student Union along with the Salvation army is always on the lookout for volunteers.

6) Do what the question asks you and if you don’t understand something ask. Although some of the lecturers seem harsh they are always there to help you if you need. If they are not helping you you can make a complaint with the Student Union’s help. No question is too stupid.

7) Form a study group. For most subjects at RMIT you’ll need to do some sort of group work. And when you are out there working you’ll need to work in teams with people not from the same culture. So try and form a study group with those studying the same subject as you but not from the same culture. You’ll meet your new study buddies in your first week of classes. Everyone is in the same boat so try and enjoy the ride. Its a good way to practice your English

8) Don’t cram-plan. Got exams as most subjects at RMIT does?  Chances are you’ll need to plan ahead. Use your student diary to write down all the things you need to do and plan the time wisely. Don’t forget to factor in breaks, sleeping and eating time.You should start revising for exams in week one. If you have any questions to ask the lecturer/tutor you should ask them straight away not wait until the last week before exams.
You could obtain a free calander from RMIT Study and Learning centre during Orientation and then that way you can mark down the dates for assignments due, work etc.

9) Organise everyting. You need a clean, quiet space to work in as well as a good time with no distractions. Otherwise you can’t concentrate. You need enough stationery and stuff to really sit down and study.
Buy all of your stationery at the start of the year along with your print credits for the year.  see Effective study spaces.

10) Seek special con if you need. It’s better to seek it early rather than late. RMIT’s rules say that you cannot seek special consideration two after an assesment is due and you need all the documentation to hand in such as a medical certificate or a police report.

11) Be healthy- it goes a long way. Eat fresh food, go for long walks, sleep and just relax.

Any more tips? Drop a line here.