My first few days in Melbourne

by newintstudents

Monday morning: Arrived in Melbourne Airport at 8:15am. Explored Melbourne airport for a bit and found that there was lots and lots of shops and eateries. I could get used to living here. I got my free welcome bag from the City of Melbourne. It had all sorts of information about Melbourne’s services.
Went through Customs and found that they were quite helpful. They discovered that I had a piece of fruit in my bag, which was by mistake. I didn’t know that I had to declare fruit and other things. Luckily they gave me a warning and disposed my fruits. Next time I should check their website before coming here.
I rode the Skybus into the city. It cost me $16 – $18 one way. I had no idea that RMIT organises transport from the airport for students at no extra cost.
Monday afternoon: Got lost in the city centre trying to find Unilodge as there are so many streets and people in Melbourne. Eventually I found it. I had to ask people how to get there.
Paid my bond and rent to Unilodge. I was too tired to go food shopping. Went out to lygon st for dinner by myself. Didn’t know what to order until the waiter told me which is which.
That night I rang my parents from my room phone to let them know that I was ok.
I didn’t sleep so well last night as it is a new environment and I am all by myself trying to cope without my friends and family back in Hong Kong. I’m not used to sleeping in a new environment, but I’ll just have to cope for at least three years. I was homesick. I started missing my parents as I have not been away for them for so long. I got my bank account sorted at the Commonwealth bank in RMIT. Then after that I went to a meet and greet session run RMIT International Student Information and Support service.
I registered myself as a new international student with RMIT International. The buildings at RMIT are so confusing as there is no proper signage anywhere. I had to ask the RMIT Student Union where international services were.
Went to Woolworths to do my food shopping and found that they have an abundance of foods. There were heaps of different brands for everyday essentials. I had to buy pantry staples as well as fresh food. My bill came to about $180.
I got my internet and mobile phone sorted after my enrolment session at RMIT. It was so confusing as there are so many plans and different brands and I didn’t know which ones were good. So I selected Vodafone for my phone and DODO for internet.  It was sooo expensive about  $200 for the both of them. Enrolment was quite confusing, because I had to enrol online with no one there to help me. I did have an information session though as to which subjects to enrol in for the year.
Did my own cooking for once and felt a bit lonely.
Went stationery shopping in Officeworks in QV. Bought $10 photocopy credit there as photocopying in RMIT is expensive. It is $0.11 a page and at Officeworks it is $0.07 a page.
Got heaps of pens for $1 each. I got two folders; exercise books were $0.96 each, so I bought eight.
Skyped my parents and my friends to let them know that I was ok. My Hong Kong friends finally called me and invited me over to their place in Oxford College in the city. They helped me to overcome some of my homesickness. I went and had a great time there.
Went to St Kilda beach for the day. It was fun but cold. Also went to St Kilda Festival which was fun and exciting.
Got into a bit of trouble for buying a concession ticket without a valid concession card. Managed to get out of paying $180 fine for wrong ticket by telling the inspector I was a tourist. They let me off with a warning.

Went to Abbotsford convent with my friends and there we went to Lentil as Anything. Bought a Sunday saver for the trip there as it is cheaper.
At Lentil as Anything we paid whatever we wanted