Driving in Melbourne

by newintstudents

So you wish to drive whilst you are here?
You can drive for three months on your own licence and the International drivers permit and then you will need a Victorian drivers license.
To apply for one you will need to go for a driving test.
Cars aren’t cheap to buy here. They are around $10000-$90000 to buy brand new. A secondhand one costs around $3000-$10000, but it might not be roadworthy.
Parking is limited and expensive as well in Melbourne city but in the outer areas its usually free to park.
If you do decide to drive here you will need to learn to drive with trams as well as trains. It is really complex and you will have to master a hook turn.
You cannot speed or talk on your mobile phone as you will be fined for this
See: www.vicroads.gov.au for more information