Nightlife in Melbourne

by newintstudents

Nightlife in Melbourne can be fun or scary whichever way you look at it. but mostly its fun as long as you are safe.
This is the time when all the clubs, bars and pubs come out and play. Most of them do beers and food and some do wines.
Beers can come in all different sizes depending on which you want. They can vary from place to place or state to state. there is no one size. It depends on what is on offer. It is best to ask the bar staff.
Most pubs do chicken parma which is chicken with sauce and cheese on top. There is also fish and chips served at many pubs.  And they do big servings of meals so if you don;t have a huge appetite, it might be best to share it. Many of them have their own pub nights which are specials within themselves
Pubs, clubs and bars are loud and noisy and some people can appear a bit drunk.
Keep an eye on your friends and your drinks as drink spiking occurs regularly.  Buy your own drinks. ” Drink spiking” is when someone slips something into your drink without you knowing about it. 
If you want to buy beer and wines you need some photo id as bars, pubs and clubs do are not allowed to serve a person under 18 years old alcohol (beer and wines). That is the law in Australia.
There are a few gaming venues in the city, so if you do decide to go make sure that you watch your stuff and don’t gamble too much or otherwise you lose all your money
There’s other fun stuff that doesn’t involve much money such as bowling and arcade games. There’s pool on campus which you can play during the day or night.
There isn’t a lot of public transport around in the city after 7.30pm so it is best to check the timetables beforehand so that you are not waiting for ages.
Some of the pubs/clubs etc might have members clubs. It’s best to check with the pub etc about this. Most of them will offer free members parties where there are free drinks on a certain day if you are a member and cheaper drinks at other times.
Sometimes there might be free fireworks in Docklands at night.