Student Services at RMIT

by newintstudents

These are there to help you if need be.
They are free for all students
1) The library- most used by students to study. But it can be noisy to study in as the library staff are not very useful in telling students to shut up and stop going on Facebook. This semester the city campus library will be at its busiest due to more students moving in because of SAB

2) Counselling- there is only one service and that is in the city. They are great with listening to students needs, but they do have a long waiting period of two weeks in busy times so it is best to see them before the problem gets out of hand

3) RMIT DLU- not great in helping students, but they are there when you need it. They are tucked away in Building 10. They often only give out generic extensions of like one week when you actually need extra time to complete assesments and only 15 mins extra time per one hour in exams. When you ask for deferred exams for various reasons they say “GO APPLY FOR SPECIAL CONSIDERATION!!!”. And the Special consideration panel say ” CONTACT THE DLU YOU LAZY PERSON!!!!”

4) RMIT ITS- are great in solving in any problems you have. And they are the ones that supply the free wifi and the computers in the computer labs. Use them or not as the case may be for SAB. And they often do have free fruit for students on Friday.

5) RMIT Link Arts- They have free movies at lunchitme and you can take a break from study. They also have an art gallery space whic you can see the student artworks free of charge.

6) RMIT Sport and Recreation- they have some friendly staff and it does cost somewhere between $30-$100 per month to be a member of that gym. Anyone can join. They do have gym facilities and a lots and lots of sporting clubs

7) Finance- I never really use them but they are there if you need. They can help you with budgeting and finacial problems you have.

8) Housing- they are a good service that tells you of the tenants rights and how to look for property. But they don’t do the seraching for you. You have to do it yourself.

9) Legal- it is hardly ever there

10) Health service- there used to be one, but VSU shut it down.

11) International Student Service and Support- they are there for you if you need, but they don’t help you a lot. They expect you to do things on your own, which some students have problems understanding this concept, hence the blog.
12) Careers- they are the people that run the employment expo and the weekly careers seminars. They are only at the city campus. They can also check your resume for you and you can sign up to ejobs.