Watch your stuff

by newintstudents

Watch your stuff.!!! There has been quite a few thefts in Melbourne mainly in the libraries and the cafes.
People like myself just leave their bags on the adjacent seats and forget to watch out for it. In the end all of their money and valuables are gone, especially iPads and laptops and money.
I once left a bag unattended in a Chinese cafe  when I was all by myself in the seat next to me. I looked away and the next minute it was gone.
I had to replace everything and call my parents back home to replace most of my money. They weren’t too happy about this. They were in fact were very angry.
I then had to pay about $899 to replace my key at Unilodge as I have lost that as well as my phone and my $1500 rent money. I also had to go to the police to report it missing. I went to the Chinese embassy to get my passport replaced as well as it was in my bag.
I also had to get my bank cards replaced as a result. I had to pay another $12 just to get my student card  replaced and another $6 to get my myki replaced. On top of that another amount of money for my myki.
In the end it was so not worth it.

Lessons learned:
* Do not leave your bag lying around for people to steal. Always have it on you.
* Never get distracted.
* Don’t bring valuable documents. Leave them at home
* Don’t bring too much money. Only have about $100 cash and all the rest on the card.
* Don’t flash your valuables.