Sushi Sushi in QV

by newintstudents

Sushi Sushi in QV Is a new place in QV. Here they were just opened about a few days ago. Like all the other sushi sushi shops they sell sushi but they also sell bento boxes and hot meals. They also have brown sushi which I tried 2 rolls for $5.20 and I liked, compared to all the other Sushi Sushi shops. This one is clean unlike all the other places.
I think they employ and underpay students to work here. But the atmosphere here is better than the other places.
But I went at 3pm and their sushis were a little dry but the tea wasn’t too bad. I paid $8.30 for it all together.
There is hardly any service excpet to pay. And they don’t have eat in cups for tea and soup but they do have plates? Why oh why?

I know it has been a few weeks since they opened but they need to improve to be a better Izakaya place. This is good for study and group meetings in here rather than at SAB.