What does your council offer for free

by newintstudents

You probably think that your council offers nothing more than collecting rubbish or a park. But did you know that they offer more than that?
Each council offers
1) Free access to their libraries and you can borrow books for free. You don’t even have to buy a single book.
2) Free access to the libraries computers
3) Community events such as a fun run or a concert in the park
4) Free community papers posted to your place each week so that you are in the know about what is going on.
5)Some of them offer free parking in the side streets. But most of them like the City Melbourne you have to pay a flat rate.
6) Bike paths for everyone to use.
7) Some of them offer language classes which are free for eveyone
8) Neighbourhood houses and meetings. You get to know your neighbours and sometimes they do offer free food.
9) Community halls for hire if you need. Eg if you are hosting a party.

So life is much in the suburbs rather than in the city. With your rent paid to the landlord you probably would get more than you bargained for.