The bean Project

by newintstudents

The new Bean place has just opened a few days ago when the rest of SAB opened. It is only just a little cafe with a few coffee carts lying around on other levels.
Here they mainly specialise in coffee and they were busy this morning.  There will be a few more cafes opening soon at the SAB building.
They do have an EFTPOS minimum of $10.
My coffee was served by a lovely barista that seems to know lots. 
Hence my coffee was lovely and I also ordered a few little sweet treats from them. Altogether it was $11.40.
The sweet treats were a little bit soggy but they did add a punch to it. I loved the passionfruit tart it was tangy.

Someones juice but I took it just to show you that they do have some organic things

The SAB courtyard

The mocha was flavoursome.
Good work guys and keep it up. See now I know why it is never a good idea to open up so many cafes at SAB- too much competition.