How to keep your room tidy for cheap

by newintstudents

Your rooms always in a mess each day when you come home from uni. You just want a simple way for your room to be clean.
Here’s how.
1) Clean your towels every one to two weeks. That goes for the sheets as well
2) Air your room once a week to two weeks.
3) Dust your room
You can use any cleaning cloth and water to do this. Cleaning cloths are sold at any supermarkets and they cost somewhere between $3-$7 to purchase
4) Paper recycling- you can use old boxes to put paper recylcing in. When it is bin night take it out
5) Mop your room- You can buy a mop from the supermarkets for about $10-$15
6) Store your books- here you need a medium sized to a big bookshelf to put all your three to four years worth of books in. You texts are heavy, mind you so it needs to be something stable. You can buy them on for $69.
7) Store your papers( and clean your folders) at the end of each semester- here you need some sort of a filing system. You should get 4 filing boxes one for each year and label each section. Howards storage and Officeworks have some sort of filling kits that you can buy. take advantage of the back to school sales where all the filling things are cheapest.
8) Empty your bin each week so that the room does not smell. And use a durable bin not a cheap bin that lasts as long as a month.
9) Put some flowers in your room to brighten the atmosphere. If you grow some outside- pick them
10) Use old empty jars as pencil tins, as it is free to reuse them again and save the enviroment at the same time.
11) Buy bag hooks that won’t ruin the wall and make your landlord unhappy. If the wall is damaged the landlord may choose to keep your bond. You could also put your coat on it if it holds. Buy ones that are easy to take off without ruining the wall. You can buy multi ones for $35 at Howards Storage world. Then that way you can have heaps of things hanging on the wall.
12) Clean your wardrobe. Buy plenty of shoe racks and boxes. Howards storage world has some hanging storage spaces for $20.  Get rid of the clothes you don’t need by donating them to charity or selling them at the Camberwell market. Or you can attend RUSU’s clothes swap party and also get some new looks for free.
13) Buy a set of storage tubs on for $24.95. You never know when you might need them. Howards has them too 3 for $22.95

Now there is no excuse to be organised. You can ask your parents to buy the stuff for you from overseas if need be online.