$7.30 prezel and coffee deal at Pretzel world

by newintstudents

I forgot the camera at home. Darn… I would have liked to have posted photos of the place and how big the pretzels areand the freebies.
 Altogether the hot chocolate and pretzel was $7.30. I didn’t mind paying as the portions were huge and filling
 The pretzels are made  freshly when people order them. But the hot chocolate was a bit milky and powdery. The pretzel was very filling though. yum heavenly.  There was virtaully no service . I had to call them and wait a while. It  is run by Chinese. But they are a franchise and I discovered them  in 2008. But I hadn’t written up about the place

 If you are there don’t order the coffees though as they are not good. Instead order the pretzels. You can order sandwich/savory ones or sweet ones.

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