The world of tea

by newintstudents

Tea is one of the popular drinks of Melbourne, namely chai.
Chai is found at most good cafes and shops. And even David Jones has chai.
Chai can be good or bad depending on how you like it. I like mine sweet and frothy. Hence I didn’t quite like the Twinings chai tea that I sampled at home. But I did love the Afternoon surprise one with so many different notes to it. It tasted a little bit like earl grey except for a tiny hint of lemon.
A packet of 10 bags of tea costs about $2 in the supermarket, and a packet of 50 teas costs about $4 at the supermarket. But at the market a packet of 50 tea bags costs a $1 each.
But of course a pot/ cup of tea costs $3.50. You can get refills for free if you need. Still a little pricey, but I suppose one needs to pay the wages and the water bill.
Tea has been around for years and is drunk worldwide.
Green tea is another popular drink and has been around for quite some time. You can find it all over Melbourne.
T2 is another place that sells tea. They are an chain store which just sells tea in boxes and bags. Their packages range from $14-$28 and they have all sorts of flavours
Lupercia in QV is another tea shop, but only this time run by Japanese/chinese. Their teas are a little more expensive but authentic
Teh tarik is another type of tea which is Malaysian and pulled. This is found in many Malaysian cafes and restaurants not so much in shops.
Chinese tea is found in shops.