Where to buy clothes

by newintstudents

Do you need new clothes? If so here is where to buy them without breaking the bank.
1) DFO- they often have 30% to 50% off even more sales. So you can buy everything for cheaper. Like that pair of sketchers shoes for $39 down from $169.
2) Vintage sales like Hello sailor that is always on in the Shot tower. Hello sailor runs every once in a while and their clothes are decent and cheap
3) Op shops such as Savers and Salvation army. You can often find clothes for $5-$20 and they have been only worn once or twice so they are still in a brand new condition. The money that you give goes to charity.
4) Just jeans- they often have specials, such as 2 for 1.
5) Jeanswest have really good jeans for under $100
6) End of season sales- Usually at the end of a season a lot of clothes are marked down so this is a great time to grab a bargain on the things you need

Melbourne Central has a student club which all uni students can join. Here you can 10% to 15% off Melbourne centrals most expensive stores. Even with the 10% to 15% off items the clothes might still be expensive. Sigh. Some of their stores have pretty good deals though such as if you spend a certain maount you get a voucher of gift free.

Some of the fashion magazines might have a voucher for a particular clothing store which you could use and save money

Or if you know how to sew you can make your own.
Here’s where to go to get your stuff: Lincraft stores. There is a big shop in the city full of fabrics and other things for cheap. You can buy the fabrics for $5-$8 per metre.

RMIT has a whole lot of market days where you can buy really cheap clothes from and support the students who run the stalls. Most of them sell for like $10-$15 per piece depending on the item. Check out: www.su.rmit.edu.au for more information. Also do you have things to sell? If so you can have a stall at the market days.
Also Melbourne Uni has market days too where you can buy clothes and accessories for cheap