Meet Fresh- is it really fresh

by newintstudents

Or is the name really a con???
There has been a bit of hype about this place as this place just opened about three months ago. There was a line of people at 3.30pm when I arrived. Most of them were Asian.
It is in the place that used to be Ten Ren’s tea place in the city.
Only 53% of people like it on Urbanspoon, why? And they too have a Facebook page.

Here they are just another Taiwanese Dessert place which I have to admit that I didn’t like a lot. It looked really nice on the outside, but when you get upstairs to go to the bathroom it is so sticky and dirty up there. Inside it is really cramped and loud music which I don’t mind but others might.
My dessert took forever to come and when it was ready it was just sitting there on the bench. Almost all the ice cream melted before it got to my table. And it too was expensive at $8 per pop. They were pretty stringy with the mango and the mango is canned not fresh. I cannot understand why they would put this on the menu in winter. They could have just put it on the menu for a summer special with fresh Mango
As for the tea ($3.80) it was way too sweet and too cold. I expected it to be warm not cold as it was advertised as a hot tea in the picture. It was some sort of barley tea meant to be hot.
Oh well at least I got two vouchers for Easy Way their competitor and I think I’ll stick with Dessert story and Easy way for tea. A note to the management: get rid of Cecelia as people complained about her and they said that she doesn’t smile which is very true and she just handed me my buzzer and expected me to pick up my own order without telling me. RUDE!!!!!! Its fine to hand me a buzzer but tell me if you want me to pick up my order. GET YOUR ACT TOGETHER!!!!!! Or otherwise no one will want to visit.

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