Be careful at work

by newintstudents

 See the work safe site for more information on being safe at work. Safety at work is paramount for everyones well being and safety.

By law all workplaces are meant to be safe and secure. But are they really? 
Not really.
Some of the Chinese restaurants are unhygenic and unsafe. Would you want to work there?
7-11 too is unsafe especially when you have to work alone at night with no help.

Some employers try to take advantage of their employees by bullying them. This is illegal but what does the Government do about this? Nothing. Some casuals also get underpaid by a lot, but again the Government does nothing about this.

So what can we as consumers do to make sure that the employer is not ripping off the employee?
If it is a restaurant you can review it on Urbanspoon.
Join a protest. There’s a few of them at the moment
Report the business.
In some dodgy restaurants don’t pay…. walk away. And then hopefully this will expose the employer.