Melbourne vs Sydney

by newintstudents

The people: Melburnians are much more patient than Sydneysiders. Some of the Sydenysiders can be a bit rude, loud and a little psuhy
Sydneysiders are more casual. And Melburnians are cool and creative and arty type of people

The city: Melbourne is well planned and has many more attractions than Sydney.  In Sydney we have the Powerhouse museum, Opera house, Star city and that’s it. In Melbourne we have Melbourne Central, the Aquarium, Crown casino, St Kilda, South Wharf, Luna park, Harbour town, Docklands, Fitzroy, Brunswick, Chapel st and the list goes on.
The roads are really congested and most of the streets are one way where as in Melbourne everything is well planned.

The air: Melbourne is cleaner and Sydney is always really humid and polluted. Melbourne has four seasons in one day so it is best to be prepared for all of them/

The public transport system: Sydney has the double decker trains, not so many boom gates and their system is very similar to ours in Melbourne. Except they don’t have the myki card system. You have to pay for everything seperately hence pt is more expensive in Sydney then Melbourne. With Melbourne you only have to pay one price for everything.
Also Melbourne has trams; Sydney does not. Instead they have the monorail system and that too is pretty pricey.

The pubs: Both Melbourne and Sydney have a lot of pubs. Im not too sure about the Sydney pubs but I do love the Melbourne ones though.
Sydney is a lot more violent at night. Think Kings cross where it is not safe at night. The prostitutes hang out there at night and there’s heaps of drinking. King st in Melbourne is also dangerous to visit at night.

The food: Melbourne is the best, but Sydney is close to being a foodie place. The last time I went to Sydney I thought that some of the food was really shocking, but I loved the Japanese Eat street. I also love the fact that they have quite a few Ben and Jerry’s scoop shops (actual shops). Melbourne does not have this but they do have Movenpick, Gelare and other parlours. And Ben and Jerry’s are sold at some of the delis.