How to keep your laptop safe whilst at RMIT

by newintstudents

“Portable Devices: Portable Safety
When carrying laptops and other personal electronic devices to and from campus and using them while you’re here – it’s important to keep them safe from theft and not to make yourself a target.
Some simple steps will make sure your device and you are safe from thieves both at
RMIT and on your way to and from campus.

1. Never leave your laptop unattended. If you’re studying at a coffee shop or library, have a friend monitor your laptop (never trust a stranger). 2. When you’re not using your laptop, keep it somewhere like the laptop
lockers in Blg 80. If you don’t need your device at RMIT that day – leave it in a secure place at home.
3. Personalize your laptop’s looks. A laptop that stands out in a crowd is less attractive to a thief, so use laptop skins or stickers to give your laptop a one-of-a-kind look. Don’t forget to put some contact info on it in case it’s simply lost rather than stolen.
4. Write down your laptop’s serial number. If your laptop is ever stolen, you’ll be able to provide this information to the authorities to aid in their search. You can engrave or UV mark your device on campus at RUSU. 5. Install a Laptop Theft Recovery Solution. Software like PREY is free, easily to download and helps you find your laptop if it’s lost of stolen.
6. Showing your valuables in public can make you a target, so keep portable devices and other attractive items out of sight in your bag. 7. Develop a personal safety plan. There are resources to help you on the
RMIT Security website. 8. Program important numbers into your mobile phone
RMIT Security 03 992 53333
Police, Fire, Ambulance 000
9. Tell someone where you are going and what time to expect you back.
10. If you see something suspicious, tell the Police or RMIT staff straight away.”

taken from the RUSU site at 2:59PM on 17/8/12

You can buy laptop covers and skins from Smiggle and Typo and any other store that sells the skins and laptops.

Occasionally at uni there are free laptop engraving sessions done by Victoria police and RUSU hence there is no reason for it not to be engraved.