RMIT’s new assesment policies and what you need to know

by newintstudents

By the end of this year RMIT plan to change their policy on assessments and appeals and special consideraton. Right now it is in draft form and RMIT are welcoming some feedback from students and staff about them. This is a more stricter policy for assesments and appeals. RMIT believes that this method will be more simpler for everyone.
There will be:
* No more pass by compensation policy. Instead if you got a 45-49 in your last subject and you are graduating you will now have to a supplementary assesment.
* The exclusion policy is a lot harsher. You would not have a chance to appeal to the Unversity appeals conmmittee. If your show cause is unsucessful then the school will submit it to the Acadmic registrar and they will assess it by themselves and decide alone
* If you asked for a resit/deferred exam and they granted it the original paper will not be marked and you will get no feedback.
* There will be two new “At risk” categories
* There will be two new committees a program board for your school and a course assesment committee.
You can read all about it here.

But RUSU and I believe that these changes bring about:
* More work for staff who are incredibly under pressure
* Less flexible arrangements and more exclusions
* Restricting student access to support and help from the lecturers and the student union
* Breaching the rules of privacy
* A more bureaucratic environment for staff and students

We as students want a better policy that is fairer for students and staff and we will be fighting for this. We would love a Human rights approach to problems and teaching methods and RMIT to get rid of” the one size fits all” approach. If they do that then more and more students will come. You can read about the campaign here

This advice might make you think twice about coming to RMIT. And for current students you can join the campaign