International cakes.

by newintstudents

This is my first Greek cake place that I have been to with a group of other friends. But it is potentially the worst one.
We were the only group of people there and our food took forever. Our food and drinks wasn’t that cheap either.
AND THE LADY DID NOT SMILE AND she’s Asian. Which led me to think that this place is run by Asians.

We thought that everything will come out together and on time but no we had to wait ages… and ages… and ages.
Until half our order came and the other half was possibly forgetten. It’s so easy just get it off the shelves and on a plate. And I had to ask for an extra plate for sharing.

The vanilla slice ($4.50) had so much cream in it and not enough bases. It was so sickly sweet. Now I know that a Greek club at RMIT can do it better.

The baklava was really sweet too. And mass produced and messy.
The cannoli ($7) looked dry and massively sweet. And it took ages to come

The tea (about $4.50) was nothing much to write about. And the coffees took forever to come as well as one person’s sandwich.
The cheesecake was also dry and hard to cut.
I will never ever come here ever again and advise others to stay away.

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