Writing services

by newintstudents

They are services where people write assignments for you. These are most commonly advertised on Facebook and Twitter and Google. These cost hundreds of dollars. You have no idea who is writing the assignment for you. It may save you a fail in the interim but believe me you will be caught by RMIT or any other uni.  Student you may think that this can help you get better marks because your English is not as good as locals, but trust me when I say: LECTURERS DON’T CARE ABOUT YOUR ENGLISH THEY ONLY CARE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IS BEING TAUGHT IN CLASS!!!!

But did you know that using these services to write assignments for you is plagiarism in RMIT’s eyes? Well it is and if students use these services and the lecturer finds out then you can be charged with plagiarism. Plagiarism is a big big issue in RMIT and other universities in Melbourne and there are some very severe penalties for this such as exclusion or expulsion.

So how does your lecturer find out?
They find out in all sorts of ways such as:
* Via an online software called Turnitin
* Via knowing you and knowing how bad your English is.
* Reading the articles themselves
* Later assessments such as exams where students do need to demonstrate understanding

The bottom line is…. DO NOT USE THEM!!!!! You learn nothing by using them!!!! RMIT will do their best to get rid of these services. You should go to their study and learning centre to get help writing assignments or form some study groups. RMIT has also got a mentor service for Business students called SLAMS. Other unis have some sort of study and learning services so go and use them instead of these writing services.