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Month: September, 2012

Hint 5: Get plenty of sleep every night

7-8 hours is ideal for sleep. If you get less than seven hours you might not be able to concentrate in class. You might also be really grumpy.
You might also eat more things than you normally would.
Don’t pull all nighters at all. Start afresh in the morning.

Chop Chop Chicken

Not too bad but its canned. You can easily put this in your sandwich. Its a little bit rubbery though. I got this in one of my showbags from the show hence it was free. I’d never buy this at the supermarket

2Pocket by Katherine

2pocket is a new coffee place that just opened in the city. They are in Lt lonsdale st next door to Catherine Manuel Designs. They open at 7:30am most days.

Here this is a really quiet place to study and like Towfd they sell teas, chips and chocolate. Oh yeah and coffee beans.  They are a fairtrade place.

They are just a coffee hence they don’t do much food.
They do their own coffee blend and I got to sample it today. Yay. For $3.80 I had a long black. It was chocolatey, nutty, smokey and a bit bitter. I didn’t mind the bitterness though. I loved it.

The Asian guy that served me was lovely. He seemed really knowledge about the blend of coffee and told me that some of the profits goes to the producer and the supplier and some of it they keep for themselves.

But I just wished that they served more food than just their pastries, biscuits and chocolates. I encourage you to visit when you can.

Plunger coffee by Katherine

You can easily make plunger coffee at home. It just takes time and patience to do it right. Hence this is not a drink to be made in a hurry.
I got to try courtesy of my friend two sachets of Italian espresso by Robert Timms.
I have never done this before as I’ve always had instant coffee.
You just put the bags into the plunger and then you add hot water (not boiling water). You plunge it five times, wait about two minutes and then you plunge another five times. And then enjoy.
My coffee was rather weak… I prefer instant, but this is great for when you have the time to enjoy this. A pack of Robert Timms outside costs around $8. (A pack of 28 bags that is)

Its effects on you:
Its filtered hence there are a lot more antioxidants. As well as that there is more flavouring. Some people might not be able to sleep on this.
But this is great if you need a pick me up.

I probably wouldn’t do this all the time as it is expensive, but occassionally yes.

The Royal Melbourne Show by Katherine

I bought my ticket for the early bird price of $22 as a friend of mine is a RACV member. Yay and I didn’t have to pay the extra $15 to see the MKR show as it was free.
We got there by public transport. But if we were to drive there it would cost a ridiculous $20 just for parking just for the two of us. I had a monthly and my friend just had MYKI money. Btw there is nowhere to recharge MYKI so you have to do it at the station.

The ATM facilities are limited so its a great idea to make sure that you have heaps of cash before you come. If you don’t there is an ATM in Shopping village next door so you can always get money out before you enter. Or if you are coming by train you can get money out at Flinders st or Southern Cross station as they have heaps of ATMS.

There were heaps of cute things in the Art, Craft and Cookery pavilion.

There is so many free things to do at the show such as see all the cooking demonstrations, milk a cow, see the Pets and sample lots and lots of food. You even get some products for free to take home. I did have to pay $1 for a really good spirally apple and $4 for some really great Timboon Ice cream.

But the only downside is that show bags can cost quite a lot and you don’t get much in them. But I got 2 food bags for $10 and a Women’s weekly for $15. My friend got carried away and got way too many. She got about 7 bags.
The rides too can cost a lot.  But we are not fans of the rides or the games.

The MKR stuff was really cool. Normally you’d have to pay $15 but it was free. Great and I loved Karen Martini. She was a really great host. Nick and Rocco were really fun to watch. sorry I couldn’t take any pictures of the boys- it was so dark in there and there was so much security around that place. 

Chillipadi by Katherine

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam is a place that has been blogged about by many bloggers. It is in Flemington just a short tram ride away from the show grounds.
It is actually opened at 12pm and not 11.30am as previously mentioned on their website. So my friend and I sat around waiting. But the waitress was kind enough to ask us about drinks and tell us that food won’t be ready. But that’s ok we were still looking and deciding on the food and smelling all the lovely aromas from the kitchen.

The table rocks when I write on it or eat on it. It is wooden and so is the chair. They have huge communual tables and they cater well for kids.
They have a $9.90 weekday lunch special with a free drink. But it was weekend so the drink was not free. And they do have mud crab nights every Fri and Saturday nights but you have to book in advance.
I had pulled tea ($3.90 each) and a Mi Goreng ($10.9 with no calamari). I wanted no calamari because sometimes the ones that restaurants give me is really tough and over cooked and I can’t eat calamari anyway. The mi goreng had too many chicken pieces (some of it was grizzly) in it and not enough wok hei to it. It was a bit cold in places and it didn’t have enough spiciness to it. Perhaps they made this mainly for Australian people not so much Malaysians?
The pulled tea tastes like Chai tea with that milkiness to it which the Malaysians will love. I can taste just a tad bit of honey in this
My friend got the Char Hor Fun ($10.9) and a Ribena drink with Lychee ($4.50). I had this last time and it was good. The Char Hor Fun although I didn’t get to try looked a bit overcooked. But my friend did enjoy this. She couldn’t finish this as there was a lot in there
I really did enjoy the roti though ($4.50 but if you order crab I heard that it came free). This was done like the way that it was shown to me at the Queen Victoria Market’s Indonesian day. This was the star of the day with enough doughiness to it.

Chillipadi Mamak Kopitiam on Urbanspoon

Bhanh mi

Bhanh mi is a type of Vietnamese roll with fillings. Just like your typical sandwich except you can choose your fillings and your sauce. There is also chillis as well if you want.
They are priced somewhere between $4-$6 per roll. You can buy them in Richmond, Newmarket, Footscray, Dandenong etc.

PInk Cafe by Katherine

All the meals there are under $10. Hence this is great for students.

They have many hot dogs, popcorns, waffles and drinks and no vegetarian food. Bah that’s ok as I do eat some form of meat.

Now I have not much knowledge about Hong Kong waffles because I never have been to Hong Kong before. But Sally would know about these

I wanted to try one today but they were out of stock. So I had today’s special for $3.90. The special was a American hot dog, done HK style.

The lady there was just ok.

But I saw the popcorn machine and went wow. It reminded me of the old school days.

The dog was a little undercooked and the bread was like the noraml tip top ones. But for that price you can’t complain. I loved the onions and cheese though. Pity I didn’t really like that much of the sausage itself.

But I will come back just to try their yummilicious looking popcorn and their waffles. Btw I don’t know when they are open. Good student meals to be had here. Just wished that they’d advertise their opening hours.

Pink Cafe on Urbanspoon

Medallion by Katherine

I used to come here a lot when i was working my old place in Lonsdale st in the Greek precinct. I used love their Greek food.
But ever since I moved places it had been really hard. Now I’m a bit far away.
I had some time today and so I went to visit. This place used to be smaller. Now its big and virtually empty. I came at 11.30am just wanting Greek coffee ($4) and a cake ($6- I think my cake Galatiboreko (something like that)).

My cake was lovely and creamy and not like the one I just had at Stalactities. No this is much better. And a lot less sweet which I love. I hate things being too sickly sweet.
Same as the coffee. It had that lovely flavour and you can add water to it if need be.

Now I might just come back for some spanakopita (Greek spinach pie).

Medallion Cafe & Cakes on Urbanspoon

Log off day number 2 and free cupcakes by Katherine

Proudly supported by your Student Union and your SSAF fees.
Log off encourages people not use technology but to connect with friends by doing things together. It can include playing board games and ball games.
Here are the pictures.
More free food
More prizes to be won so come on down.

I had heaps of fun playing this game of Jenga

Love the t-shirt

The survey in which we all filled out at the end

And then I went outside for free cupcakes also supported by the SSAF fees. I went to support the final year art students as they get funding from the Union for their exhibition depending on how many people turn up to get some free cupcakes and put their name down. Its feels great to be supporting students and I encourage you to come on down.

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