Vic Markets cake shop

by newintstudents

I work in the city close to Vic market. And on this rainy day I went there wanting sweet treats. It was here that I got my favourite bubblegum macaroon and almond bread, coconut kiss and some other treats for $6.65 altogether.

They had some yummy cakes there but given that I’m not really a cake person I didn’t go for them. They were $4-$4.50 a slice depending on which ones you got. There were plenty of big tarts there for that price.
The macaroons here were $2.80 each but there were so many to choose from and they are really filling.

The sweets were yummy and filled me up just before class.
The ladies there were lovely, but she got a bit confused by my order because I was ordering a lot of good things. And sweets that appealed to me as a blogger.

What a foodie delight

I shall keep on coming back for more.