How to eat cheaply but healthily

by newintstudents

Here are some simple steps on how to be healthy whilst in Melbourne and its all for cheap. You don’t need a lot of money to be healthy.
Plan ahead: Do a big cook up on Sunday afternoon for the week. It can be soups, curries, cakes, museli, bakes etc.

Do all of your shopping on Saturday at one of Melbourne’s markets. Here you can find plenty of things for cheap. If you can’t and you live near or in Brunswick, try out La Manna Grocers on Sydney Rd. Here they have $1.90 bags of fruit and vegetables as well heaps of things for cheap.
RMIT city campus is close to the Victoria Market.

And there is also Preston Market for those that study at Bundoora campus. Preston market has heaps of things on special as well as Asian foods

If you can’t then try going to your local supermarket on their discount days or times. Sunday afternoon is where most places discount their vegetables and fruits.
Sometimes on a Friday afternoon Realfoods might discount or give it away for free some leftover food. Every semester there are always free cooking demonstrations that you can attend free of charge.

Every month Gourmet traveller and Super food ideas come out and it is worth buying. You can even download it as an app. In the supermarket Super food ideas is $3.50 but sometimes they sell it at $3. You can also subscribe to it and it is about $30 a year.
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