Applying for courses

by newintstudents

How to apply for courses in RMIT
1) Enquire about courses at the Info corner on their homepage. RMIT have many courses in design, computing, business, MATHS, Education, Social studies etc.
2) Befriend other RMIT students and ask them about how RMIT is treating them. Also ask them about the activities and things going on at RMIT. How many activities and how much the uni does care about its students matters a lot.
3) Think about the job opportunities after RMIT. Ask current students about these opportunities. Remember there are a few expos free for all students to attend.
4) Get your IELTS score. You need a grade of 7.5 or higher to succeed.
5) Apply to RMIT by the due date. There might be a fee involved but RMIT will advise students. I think you can apply online for most courses.