How to pay/contest a fine

by newintstudents

To pay a fine:
You can do this in a number of ways.
* Telephone
* By Australia Post.

You must pay by the due date or otherwise you get fined extra.

To contest a fine you’ll need to write a letter and you might need some assistance from the RMIT legal services.
When writing the letter think about the reasons behind it. You may need some documentation to support the reason.

Just reccently my friend got a fine for no ticket on public transport and the ticket machine broke down on the tram so she couldn’t pruchase one. My friend only just arrvied in Melbourne about a week ago and was not used to travelling by tram. She also had no coins for a full fare daily $7.60 ticket. The ticket inspector came on forgot to check the machine as everyone had switched to MYKI. She did not know. She tried to explain but they still procceeded to fine her.

Luckily for her one of my other friends ( who is a solicitor) had just recently graduated and was able to help her get out of the $200 fine.

Another one of them got fined for buying a concession MYKI but he was not able to get out of it easily as she did. He said that he couldn’t afford the costs of daily travel to and from uni. Hence he had to borrow $200 from his parents. The parents were really mad at him.

In short: you do have rights. But you do have some responsibilities such as buying a ticket

But it is better for you to pay the fine or write the letter well before the due date or otherwise you could end up in the court and may have to pay more money later on.