What sort of train/tram traveller are you

by newintstudents

What sort of tram/train traveller are you? There are all kinds of people on the tram/train and they are listed below.
Which ones to avoid… and which ones to like
1) The book guy/girl- this person loves to pull out a book and read when they get on. They are the smart type and the type that I usually go for. My tram is about 30 minutes long and I usually read a book on this journey
2) The talky one- this is one person that often likes to talk to strangers and friends and doesn’t care much about you and whether or not you want to talk to them. If you don’t want to just walk away.
3) The fare evader- the one that jumps on trains and trams for free. They always get off when they see a ticket inspector. Or they buy a concession ticket when they shouldn’t. They get on peak hour services because they know that it is busy and they know that there are no inspectors on board trams. They sometimes make the tram a living nightmare.
Lately there have been a few on my tram making life a misery.
4) The rude one- This person always pushes past everyone and never ever says excuse me. They never wait for people to get off the train/ tram before boarding.
Luckily the Metro staff always reminds them to wait for everyone to get off at North Melbourne and Flinders st stations.
They also love to block the doorways on the tram and never let anyone off.
5) The smelly one- this type of person often likes to chrome and hasn’t had a shower in weeks. This type of person often offends everyone with their smell on the tram. The driver does not care. I usually like to stay away from this person. They usually chrome on board the tram. They usually know that there are ticket inspectors at every city loop station so they never board every city loop train. They always get off before the loop stations.
I have once had somebody get on a late night train from North Melbourne and I worried about my safety. Luckily though for me there was ticket inspectors on the train.
6) The gamer- this person often loves to play games on their gadget whilst travelling. I do this too some of the time
7) The polite one- is the one that loves to give up their seat for the elderly and pregnant without them asking. They often like to play with the kids.
8) The sleeper/daydreamer. This person loves to sleep on board the tram. He/she probably didn’t get enough sleep at night. The daydreamer often likes to look out the window.
9) The beggar- its not very often that you see them but when you do run away. They like to hassle you mainly for money. And lots of it.

So which one are you? Tell us below.