market week

by newintstudents

This week was Market Week where all the Markets of Melbourne come out to play. It is usually in the first week of September. I had a chance to visit all of the markets during the week. Here is the lowdown
South Melbourne market
It is a short tram ride away from the city on the number 96 tram from Bourke st. This tram stops right outside the market.
 There wasn’t a lot going on at the market. But there were quite a few tastings of cheese and other things.
I got to sit outside and sample the fish and the olive salad. Which was $5.50 altogether.
There were heaps of people there all wanting to buy deli goods. There was a 4 for $10 special going on at the market.

This is the market where dim sims were first introduced to Melbourne. It is here that I once bought one and tried it.

Today I also tried gelato from Fritz and it was tantalising. I loved my favourite lemonade gelato with mango.It was $5.50 for two scoops. Yummy. I also got to try a jaffa one, a pannacota one and another one but can’t remember the flavour. I loved the rich creamy pannacota one

Everyone there was so nice and some of them let me pat their dogs. Awww they are so cute.

Queen Victoria Market
It was here that I got to see some cooking demonstrations and try things for free. The seasonal stars sessions runs once each quarter of the year.
It was here that I learned how to spot a good risotto. A good risotto is one that is not overpowered with cheese and the rice is not too crunchy.
Here I bought a juice for $3 which is great seeing as Boost Juice sells a small for $4. This had lots of flavour and freshness to it. I wanted to try this on Friday but was really full.
I also got to try a really filling vegetarian and gluten free pizza from Pizza by nature. It is here that they make their pizzas fresh on site and with the freshest ingredients. Like Realfoods they do whole meals for $7.70 and I think they are organic.
I also bought one little jam donut ($1 each), cup of corn (what a rip off for $5.50) and cucumber.($0.90).  Well at least I’m getting my serve of vegetables.

Prahran Market
You can take the number 72 tram from the city to the market.
More cooking demonstrations for free. And there were plenty of tastings going on for free. More market week specials and I picked up cucumber and mandarin for $1.60, a French toast cupcake for $4 and two rice paper rolls for $6.20 and an inari for $1. The inari was lovely with the ginger inside but the rice paper rolls were a tad bit overcooked.
There’s free entertainment for all in the market square.

It was fun to visit and thank you Markets of Melbourne for putting this event on for all