Tobys estate

by newintstudents

This place is mainly a coffee place and they are a chain store found all over Aus.

But in Melbourne they are a tiny store in Bourke st. My guess is because the rent is too high so they could not afford the bigger space.

Hence it was cramped inside. But I loved all of the cute decorations and the macarons. I didn’t like the seating so much though- it felt a bit cold and like as though I was outside. The cakes are from Le Petit Gateau. They were a bit pricey.

Breakfast had just finished by the time I got there. So I just had a mocha ($4) and a macaroon ($2.30). The macraon was just ok. But the coffee was to die for. It had just the right amount of caffeine to it.

The guys there were lovely so I think I might just pop by again this time for my free coffee from

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