Enrolling at RMIT

by newintstudents

Every University is different but for RMIT this is how we do things. This is done via the Online system. It used to be done at the school level but now it is all online.
Go to www.rmit.edu.au and select Current students and then you can click on enrol online.
A screen will show up and you will need your username which is your student id and your password which is your date of birth backwards.
You fill in all of the personal details and then you go and add subjects in. Note: It would be a great idea to go to your program information session before you do this part as there is some vital information as to what subjects to enrol in are given there. The class ids are also given as well so it would be useful to take note of these.
You can search for the class in Enrolment online and then you click on Add now and you will need to do this eight times before you are enrolled for the whole year. And you repeat this process in the next year and the year after.
You can opt to join the Student Union but it is not compulsory.
If you are a local student you can opt for HECS HELP but if you are an International student you have to pay full fees.
Allow two days for your enrolment to be proccessed before you can timetable youself into classes.