Money saving ideas for students

by newintstudents

Here are some money saving ideas for students. I know that as a student you need every single cent for the rainy days. Here’s some ways to save money
1) Collect free furniture. Did you know that RUSU has free furniture on Wednesdays? Well they do during semester. You can collect heaps of chairs, desks, tables all for free.
2) Use your buy one get one free vouchers that you get at Orientation events and other events. I shared one with a friend and we both ended up spliting the cost for the other one.
3) Do big cook ups on Sundays and then put some of your meals in the freezer for the week. Things to cook up could be stews, soups, curries, chicken etc. The freezer is your friend in this case and it is a good idea to shop around for the best one.
4) Go to all the free RUSU events going on all year and then you can have lots of fun cheaply. Cheap is great. RUSU has many events on for free or really cheap for non members
5) Don’t go out all the time for lunch or other meals. Once a week is ok. But if you do go out for meals see if you can try and share them with a friend as you would share the costs.
6) Bring your own lunch from home- I know this might be hard seeing as SAB doesn’t have microwaves. But the city campus has heaps more microwaves. And during the summer months you could have a salad and sandwich.
7) Carpool- if you go to the Bundoora campus and one of your mates does why not share a ride? And take turns in driving?
8) Make coffess yourself at home- I know they taste horrid but when you get used to the idea it is easier.
9) Grocery shop on Cheap days
10) Look for $5 coffee and muffin deals if you need to buy coffee outside. Mrs Fields has plenty fo them and so does some of the other places in the city.
11) Bulk buy your groceries- Look out for discounts in your weekly mail. Someimes there are discounts in Good Taste Magazines for Woolworths.
12) Buy tickets to events online- you can save heaps and heaps of money. Sometimes RUSU has competitions for their members and you can win some free tickets. Occassionally RMIT gives away some free movie tickets if you participate in their focus groups.
13) Join heaps of loyalty clubs for free- your favourite stores send you newsletters and heaps of discounts off stuff
14) If you live close to Uni you could walk to Uni and save money on gym memberships. Or live within about 5 kms of Uni you could ride your bike on a nice day. Save money on Public transport and parking. And it also saves money on Gym Memberships
15) Be healthy. Did you know that by being healthy you could save heaps of money on going to the hospital or the doctor?
16) Use your council. Did you know that council offer free things and events for its residents and there are free libraries for all to use? You can borrow books for free.
17) Hold a bakeathon at your house and have everyone having a go at baking. You’ll have heaps of fun and lots of snacks for the next two weeks.
18) Go to lots of Op-shops for your clothes. Op shops sell clothes in mint condition for a great price. Some of them you can find clothes for $3-$6
 19) Volunteer at places like Realfoods and Kinfolk. Here you can make friends and learn lots of skills for free. And have free meals occassionally and drinks. Sometimes these places hold cooking classes free for all.
20) Make sure that you shop around when finding a bank/phone/internet as some deals are better for you than others. Make sure that you sign up for a deal that is right for you. No two people are the same.