Moving away from home

by newintstudents

And to a new country such as Australia.
You might love the freedom that it brings and the new friendships and leaving behind your past. But at the same time you might feel a little bit scared and home sick.
I remembered my first time coming to this strange country and not adjusting to life all that well. I didn’t do my research at home in China so I had no idea as to what this country will bring.
I did not join MATES an RMIT program to help new International students like myself.
When I got off the plane it was stinking hot (35C day) and I was easily lost. I did not know about the free pick up that RMIT had.

But Melbourne has many good eateries and students should try and find out about these before coming. Also student union has lots of good cultural clubs to join. Most of them are Facebook its just a matter of finding the club and talking to them.

MATES @ RMIT is a good group to join. I came in 2007 and they started in 2008. Now they are helping over 500 students. I have helped out before and loved it. Students you can ask heaps of questions about life in Australia before you come to Melbourne. And when you do come to Melbourne your mentor can help you find your feet