Writing assignments and passing them

by newintstudents

Hints to writing assignments:
1) Read the topic- its a surprise as to how many students don’t read the topic and write about the wrong thing. In the end they get no marks for it. If you are not sure of the topic ask your tutor/lecturer (basically whoever will mark your work). Use the tutorial time to ask these questions.

2) Start early- the earlier the merrier. Get all of your resources. If RMIT Library doesn’t have a certain item you can visit other libraries. You just need to apply for a special card that will allow you to borrow from other Unis libraries at RMIT. And then you can go and borrow stuff

3) Engage in the Study and Learning centre ( note: their resources are limited and students need to book appointments to see an adviser. They can only have three a semester). If you are a Business student the Student Learning Advisor Mentors can help you find your feet. You can drop in to see them at the times they are available.

4)An essay usually has an Introduction, Body and Conclusion and the list of references at the back. A report has more sections. It usually has an Executive Summary, Introduction, Literature review, Methodology, Results and a Conclusion.  If applicable an Appendix section. You would usually need a reference list.

5) The reference list varies between course so it is usually a good idea to ask lecturers and tutors what they require.

6) If English is your second language have someone read over your work whether it’d be your mentor or your local friends. And they can tell you where you went wrong. But just don’t leave it to the last minute though.